What is iSEE Science Lab?

We are a science IT company to introduce a new STEM education paradigm for students from K-12 grades by providing scientific contents and learning materials.

The STEM experts, teachers, and educators work together to make advanced contents. The materials are professional laboratory and research grade products.

Children will develop problem-solving skills by learning key concepts with hands-on-experience and the contents to stimulate critical thinking.

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Use professional lab products
Fun with focused contents

Social Friendship

No classical manual books
Interactive video instructions
Share your lab to your Friends

Science Fair & Camp

Stay cool with our one-of-a-kind science fair
unique and challenging program
Meet Scientists 

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Join us ! It will be change your kids’ future

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iSee Kit 2021

 – Only iSEE Science Lab Kit box
 – For No time to join iSEE Fair or Camp

iSee Kit 2021


Only iSEE Kit-“Ask me about”

  • “Ask Me About” Box
  • Full Materials
  • Full Access Video Contents
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Kids and Parents Love Us

Merielle Marley

Ellie’s Mom

“iSee Science Lab kit was the perfect study material to use during the COVID19 lockdown.”

Tyler Hall

Claire’s Dad

“iSee Science kit made my son curious about our household items and now wants to test everything”

Kate Wagner

Joshua’s Mom

“My daughter did not like reading instructions since it can be often confusing especially if it’s something new, but videos made it crystal clear”

Matthew Bledsoe

Brandon’s Dad

iSee Science kit is the best tools for homeschooling and turning your home into a lab.”